File credits:

​Concept, Writing and Development- mlee3141 and Druundev
Virelda Voiced By- Druundev
Virelda's Throwing Cards Spells Made By- PyroToaster
Blogger "Travel" theme by Sookhee Lee and modified by JayCrane and mlee3141
Virelda's Sword Made By- ImsumDave
Virelda's Ritual Armor of Boethiah Set Made By-Wasbunny
Virelda's Tribunal Robes Made By- Natterforme
Virelda's Snake Bow Made By- AlexScorpion
Underground Temple of Miraak Made By- JayCrane
Outlandish Cultist Robes Made By- billyro
Skyrim Collectible Cards Made By- InsanitySorrow